Campus Greening

UMFK's vision and mission see the institution as a leading rural, public university in Maine, emphasising experiential learning in educating responsible citizens committed to environmental stewardship.

Commitments to environmental stewardship are perhaps most obviously expressed through campus greening. Examples of this commitment at UMFK have been unfolding for many years and will continue at an accelerated pace with the goal of becoming a model sustainable campus. To guide this process UMFK is developing a Comprehensive Sustainability Plan that will involve all aspects of the university's operations including academics, buildings, energy, food systems, grounds, purchasing, transportation, waste management, and water. In the coming months and years the university will introduce specific plans, policies, and projects to reduce its ecological footprint. Over time we will publish reports on the various initiatives under the headings below. Headings with content appear in blue, underlined text.

  • Academics (to include reseach and outreach)
  • Buildings
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Grounds
  • Purchasing
  • Transportation
  • Wastes
  • Water